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Reading and writing are one of the most essential milestones in the life of young children. These are two indispensable developmental skills that influence children’s ability to communicate and make their way in the world of advanced learning. Basically, without these skills we wouldn’t be able to express ourselves and put our ideas on paper that can be useful to ourselves and other people.

The Early Learners Two literacy program is carefully designed to help children acquire the component skills of writing and reading. They get started with learning sounds and letters through eye-hand work, concentration on practical activities as well as when they touch and recognize materials of various shape and size.

At the end of this term, the children will be able to;

  1. Sound and identify the 5 vowels.
  2. Sound and identify the 21 consonants.
  3. Sound and identify the 26 letters correctly.
  4. Sequence letters accordingly.
  5. Trace and write letters following the proper writing guidelines.
  6. Relate letters sounds to things around them.

Week 1- Base Line assessment.


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