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Will my 4 year old be required to wear a mask in school?

Due to recommendations from the NCDC and the WHO, children under 5 should not wear a mask. However, Safety is a priority in our school so we have made some modifications.
Your child will need to come to school with at least 2 masks but they will need to wear a wrap around faceshield whilst in school. We combine this with physical distancing measures and a pod learning system.

How will learning be structured in school?

This term, we will run a blended learning framework, beginning with the virtual component.

Staggered physical classes will be introduced soon after and run according to the reopening guidelines from the Office of Education Quality Assurance, Lagos State (OEQA).

Each student will be placed in a learning bubble or pod.

What happens if my child has an allergy bout? Can they come to school.

Your child will need to get clearance from a verifiable medical instituion before they can be allowed in school.

We have zero tolerance for any illness at this time. The Virus has no cure and we cannot afford to take any risks

What happens if a child begins to display Covid-19 symptoms in school?

We really hate to think about this happening. If this happens, the child will be immediately removed from the class and taken to the School isolation bay. All member of the pod the child belongs to will be asked to self-quarantine at home.

The NCDC emergency numbers and the child’s parent will be notified immediately.

The entire class will be disinfected.

Can my child hug their friends? They have really missed them.


The virus is still very much in town and we will comply strictly with physical distancing rules. Kindly talk with your child about this at home

My child missed 3rd term. Is there a plan for her?


The first few weeks of the term are remedial and we will carry our diagnostics testing for all the children. Data of all learning gaps will be collated and an action plan will be deployed per learning bubble.

How will entry into the school be managed.

No mask no entry protocol will be enforced. The exception is children under 5. Please see the section for School Reopening Protocol.

Staggered times of arrival and departure would be communicated to parents, in order to avoid students leaving and arriving at the same time to further pursue the practice of physical distancing.

What happens if my child cannot do online school

Every new skill needs to be learnt. You child needs to adjust to this new learning that is not going away soon.

The good thing is children under the age of 18 are digital natives so get it really quickly if they have some that ensures they stay committed. This is where you come in.

You child will eventually master it. All they need is time.

Our family has experienced a loss of income. Are they payment options for us?

Kindly fill our contact us form. Alternately, you can call the school with this number 07031241085

What if my child does not understand what is being taught?

Our model of learning comprises:

  1. Small focus groups
  2. Large groups
  3. Individual groups.

We do out utmost to ensure no child is left behind. We will work with your child, supporting them as till they develop mastery and excel in sticky places.

What is the plan for physical resumption

We have plans underway to resume school in a few weeks. Tentatively the 24th of September 2020. We will keep our community updated.

We are working in line with the safe to reopen guidelines given by the Office of Education Quality, Lagos.

The safety of every member of our community is paramount.

What if government asks schools to shut down again, is there a plan for this?

It is not far-fetched the based on the data collated when school resume for blended learning, they may be asked to close again.

Should this be the case:

  1. We will go back fully virtual
  2. We will resume full time learning packets
  3. We will monitor the situation, keeping you updated.

How do I know my child’s learning style when I am working with them at home?

Do not be overly concerned about this as the school will guide you. However, there are three major learning styles.

  1. Visual
  2. Auditory
  3. Kinesthetics/Tactile

Everyone is a blend in varying measures of all styles, with one dominant style. Regardless, all children need to develop their inner goods for outer good. This is the way we work with the children in school and we encourage you to do the same at home.

There has been learning losses due to school closures. What strategies are in place to help students academically once they’re back in school. Can you clarify how you will help meet students’ needs?

When students come back to school the first thing is to determine the mental wellbeing of the students.

For other needs, we are more than prepared to offer develop integrated learning programs that will drive student and community engagement.

Additionally, our teachers are being trained and would be heavily supported as they implement learning programs that effectively build classroom communities and relationships in blended/physical and remote learning contexts.

My child has a lot of energy and gets easily distracted. How do I manage this?

When it comes to children, getting them settled may take some creativity.

You could try the following:

  1. Chunk learning into smaller bits
  2. Make it personal
  3. Make it concrete using things the child can relate to
  4. Pace your child

How do I get my child to develop a love of learning?

You could try the following and the strategies proposed by your child’s teacher.

  • Make it visible with connections and build recognition
  • Encourage thinking and questions
  • Do not allow mediocre thinking
  • Consistent Support
  • Look at the issues and do not project your ideals on your child.
  • Reflection- You and You child.

My child has low energy and doesn’t seem interested in anything. How do I manage this?

My first question is why the low energy? It is best to consider these options so we can get to the root cause.

  • Is there an iron deficiency or calorie deficit?
  • Check sleep time
  • Find out what makes him/her come active. Make notes
  • Time of day matters for some children, is this the case?
  • Start to collate records on triggers
  • Try a variety of meals

Do online classes contribute to screen time?


All screen time is screen time and must be managed.

What social skills will my child learn online?

There is a lot of socialising happening in our online classroom. Some of the skills your child will learn include:

  1. How to mute and unmute this mics. This is the same as not talking over someone
  2. How to wait their turn
  3. Collaborative work
  4. Active listening
  5. Being respectful
  6. Caring for others
  7. Decoding facial expressions
  8. Several Models of communication

And so much more.

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